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Date de naissance : 20/04/1983 Poids : - Lance : Droitier
Pays : Autriche Taille : - Frappe : Droitier
The highlights of my career are winning the European Cup of Champions three times and coming in 3rd twice; winning the National Titles in Austria, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and in New Zealand with the U23; writing history in the Netherlands with six RBIs in one inning by hitting a grandslam and a homerun with a runner on base against two different pitchers; being twice number six in Europe at the EuroChamps and reaching the 18th place at the WorldChamps in Surrey. One season that I will never forget was the “clean season” with Eagles Praha in 2013, where we won the Winter Cup, Czech Cup, European Premier Cup and then turned a 0:2 series around in the final to win the series 3:2 against the very strong Joudrs. Sport plays a big part in my life. I used to be an artistic gymnast and played rugby 7th for the Austrian Rugby 7th National Team. Skiing is my biggest hobby. I have a Bachelor degree in sports science, kinesiology and health sports and a sports journalism degree. I attended the NFCA Coaches College in 2008. Currently, I am doing my Master study in Salzburg in sports science and kinesiology with the speciality professional sports and an internship at the Olympic Training Centre Linz. I am the strength and conditioning coach of the Austrian beach-volleyball team Freiberger/Klopf. After finishing my studies, I would like to work with professional athletes. My dream would be to build an indoor training facility with a batting cage, pitching, fielding, strength and conditioning area.
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